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23 Aug ‘21 By AnikVegan

Veganism or the vegan diet has gained a number of followers and believers in recent times and it is based on a way of living which excludes any animal products whether from dairy or meat .This diet is based on the philosophy of non-cruelty to animals and not treating them as commodities and exploiting them.

Reasons for opting for a vegan lifestyle

1- The human angle

Most followers believe that all creatures have a right to life and freedom therefore killing them is unethical. A number of alternatives are available in the market -eg soy milk ,almond milk in place of animal milk . Many animals are reared for agriculture. They are then slaughtered for their meat. The animals are subjected to cruelty and are treated inhumanely. With so many delicious and healthy plant based options now available veganism is now easier than ever.

2-Health benefits

Veganism has a number of health benefits like reducing the risk of heart diseases,cancers ,Alzheimer's, promoting weight loss managing diabetes etc .Meat eaters generally have high cholesterol levels so have high chances of heart related ailments, certain types of cancers like that of colon pancreas etc.  Vegan diets also contain more fibre ,antioxidants and minerals like potassium ,magnesium and vitamins A,C and E. They also prevent arthritis and are richer in the nutrients the body needs. Vegan products are good for the skin too. Dairy products can cause acne in both men and women. Vegans typically eat more fruits and vegetables which means more antioxidants and vitamins thus giving glowing blemish free skin.

3-Environmental benefits

According to a recent survey by the UN, 14.5% of all man made greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the meat and dairy industries. That is roughly equivalent to the exhaust emissions of every car, train, ship and aircraft on the planet. If we all went vegan the world’s food related emissions would be 70% by the year 2050 and the planet would be a much better place to live and breathe.

4-Vegan food is a great mood booster

It is a given that following a compassionate lifestyle that avoids harming animals will give you a clearer conscience  and studies have shown that vegans may be happier than meat eaters. Vegans  and vegetarians  are less depressed and have better mood profiles than those who eat fish and meat.

Vegan diets thus have an array of health and environmental benefits . vegan diets  can provide all the nutrients that a person needs and at the same time eliminate the possible risks associated with harmful animal fats. A lot of recipes are available online so most people will be able to find a vegan meal plan to suit their tastes.

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