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6 Oct ‘21 By AnikHealth tips

Whether it is stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhatt’s magical transformation or Bollywood actor Huma Qureshi’s strict keto diet plan, the keto diet has fast become everybody’s favourite way to shed those extra pounds. Celebrities and influencers aside, the keto or ketogenic diet is exceedingly popular – not just among the millennials.

In fact, research suggests that this diet was actually developed back in the 1920s to treat children who were diagnosed with drug-resistant epilepsy. Even today, this popular diet plan is considered by many to have breakthrough properties for several neurological diseases. But speaking of the current years, is this diet just a fad? What’s all the hype about? Is it more than just the best diet to lose weight fast? Let us tell you more.

Keto Diet – What is it?

Put simply, a keto diet is a low carb and high-fat diet, mixed with an adequate protein content. The idea here is for the liver to produce ketones, which will then be used to generate energy. Think of it this way: you must restrict the carbs that you consume in a day, so that when your body runs out of the fuel provided by these carbs, it can break down proteins and fat to generate energy. This is what can help you lose weight and is known as ‘ketosis’.

How does it work?

When you begin following a keto diet, your plan should ideally include about 30 to 50 gms of carbs in a day. Of course, this depends on the body fat percentage in your body and requires a fair bit of calculation, so mind the numbers!

However, on an average, the goal is to receive about 75 percent of calories in a day from fat, about 20 percent from proteins and just 5 percent from carbs. So, if you’re considering a keto diet plan, remember that you will have to cut back on carbs that are digested easily, such as sugar, white bread, soda, starchy veggies like carrots, potatoes and other root vegetables.

If you’re a vegetarian, opt for a vegetarian keto diet plan. That should comprise a bunch of healthy fats, including nuts, seeds, coconut oil and even avocados. Eggs too, if you eat them.

What you should know ?

Is the keto diet difficult to follow? Well, it sure isn’t easy! Because of our lifestyles and eating habits, it’s pretty difficult to sustain when we aren’t able to enjoy the carbs that we all love so much. Yes, weight loss is extremely likely, but also prepare to feel a little crabby and/or dehydrated in the beginning.

Additionally, always understand that everyone’s body is different and so, people adjust to different diets in different ways. Patience is key! But, if you’ve made up your mind to eat clean and lose weight and if you have the right nutritionist or food partners in your corner, you’ll get there. Slowly but surely, you will.

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