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23 Aug ‘21 By AnikHealthy Tasty Daily

Monsoon makes one more vulnerable to viral diseases and infections ,making us more susceptible to cold, flu ,cough etc. The damp and humid weather is a perfect environment for microbes to grow and thrive, so we need to improve our immunity by eating foods that help us to fight and improve monsoon related ailments. More so, as we are in the midst of a pandemic that attacks our respiratory system .So prevention is definitely the way to boost immunity and prevent diseases caused by the advent of monsoon.

5 superfoods that build immunity in the monsoon ;

Ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory ,anti-bacterial ,anti viral and other healthful properties. Ginger helps us to recover from a common cold or flu as it kills the virus in the respiratory cells. It was used as a medicine in ancient times in Rome, Greece,China,,India, and also the Arab countries. Ginger also has other benefits like curing nausea and diarrhoea which are other common complaints during the monsoon. Ginger also has cancer fighting properties. Hence ginger is a wonder food and a must have in the monsoon.

2-Vitamin C

Vitamin c is a panacea to strengthen our immune system and also helps to fight a number of pathogens. It enhances the function of phagocytes and also helps in the production of immune boosting lymphocytes. Most citrus, berries, lemon, green leafy vegetables , and tomatoes contain high levels of vitaminC. It is a powerful anti -oxidant and fights a number of infections . It is also a vital warrior in our fight against the dreaded coronavirus.

3-Low Fat Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a great immunity booster food. The probiotics found in yoghurt can ease the severity of common cold and flu. Yoghurt contains healthy bacteria which have an anti-inflammatory effect and also helps to control anxiety, stress and depression. Yoghurt is extremely good for gut health and a healthy digestion improves overall general health.

4-Vitamin D or The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin is another essential micronutrient to boost our immune system during the monsoon. It can modulate the innate and adaptive immune response. An adequate intake of vitamin D is associated with lowering the risk of respiratory infections. Vitamin D is found in fish, dairy products, egg yolks, mushrooms, and green leafy vegetables. A few minutes in the morning sun can help the body to activate vitamin D obtained from the diet. Vitamin helps the body to ward off most infections.

5-Drinking Boiled Water

Monsoons bring a respite from the heat but also increases the risk of certain water borne diseases like jaundice, diarrhoea, cholera, cold , viral fever etc. so it is very important to stay hydrated by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of boiled water. Warm water with a dash of honey, ginger and black pepper is a homemade cure to avoid cold cough and flu during the monsoon. Lukewarm water also improves digestion as the body is able to eliminate waste better. Hot water helps to unclog the mucous membranes throughout the sinuses and throat and hence provides lasting relief from runny nose,coughing and sore throat.

So as much as we love the monsoon, we must try to keep our immune system healthy by eating the right type of foods that ward off infections and keep diseases at bay. Immunity building foods reduce inflammation in the body and kill the disease causing germs. The right diet and taking adequate precautions can help us to increase our resistance to monsoon infections and enjoy the season to the fullest.

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