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5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes You Need to Avoid

18 Jun ‘22 By AnikHealth tips
1. Only paying attention to the scale

It is imperative to realize that a weight change is measured by more than just the number on the scale. Your weight is affected by many factors, including the quantity of fluid in your system and the amount of food you consume.

If you don't see a change on the scale, you might be holding onto water while losing fat. You may also gain muscle and lose fat if you have been exercising.

In this situation, you may notice that your clothes become looser — especially around the waist — despite the same number on the scale.

The waist measurement and monthly pictures you take of yourself can help you determine how much body fat you're losing.

2. Excessive or insufficient calorie consumption

We lose weight by consuming fewer calories than we consume.

Calorie requirements differ for each individual.

You might feel that you're not consuming a lot of calories sometimes, and this may be true. Study findings reveal, however, that we tend to underestimate how many calories we consume during a meal.

Healthy foods like nuts and fish may also be high in calories. You should keep your portions moderate.

Conversely, drastically lowering your calorie intake can be harmful. Very low-calorie diets have been linked to muscle loss and slowed metabolism.

3. Too little or too much exercise

It's inevitable that you'll lose some muscle mass during weight loss.

If you do not exercise while limiting your calorie intake, your muscles will deteriorate and your metabolism will drop.

Exercising, however, might be helpful to:

ensure that you don't lose too much lean mass lose fat faster maintain a healthy metabolism You can lose more weight and maintain it more easily if you have more lean mass.

Overexercising can also be problematic.

It's unsustainable for most people to exercise excessively long term, and it can result in stress.

Maintaining metabolic rate during weight loss is achievable by lifting weights and doing cardio several times per week.

4. No weightlifting

Weight loss can be greatly accelerated by resistance training.

A weightlifting regimen can enhance muscle gains and metabolic rate. Further, it strengthens the body in addition to assisting in the loss of belly fat.

5. Opting for low-fat or "diet" foods

Low fat food is often viewed as a healthy option for weight loss. But it may have the opposite effect on your body.

These products are often sweetened with sugar to enhance their taste. You may overeat if you consume low-fat products, since they may cause you to feel hungrier.

Choose a combination of healthy, natural foods instead of low-fat or "diet" foods. It is best to go for fruits and vegetables, because they have natural low fat levels while also being packed with nutrients.

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